Friday, December 28, 2007

A glance at our year

This holiday season we received some very nice updates from our friends and family. So "THANKS A LOT" because Brian has been riding my B-U-T-T to do one for us. Seeing that the holiday window from not-seeming-too-tacky-to-send-it-in-the-mail is lost to me once more, I have decided to blog it!

January: Brian installed a very nice tray dishwasher for me in our very tight kitchen. It's so great because I didn't loose to much storage space. He's the man around here. I think we even painted our living room the same day. Kudos to us. We also bought two rental properties totaling seven units and a whole lot of head aches and humor.

February: Was a short month and I'm sure we went to the zoo or something. We also went up north for a spontaneous snow trip and a chilly stay in a very old cabin. The kids had so much fun sledding and playing in the snow. We also discovered that Declan is deathly afraid of the Rainforest Cafe frog.

March was a big one! I turned 29 and we celebrated our 9 year anniversary in Hawaii. That place is truly paradise and I can't wait to go back. I even snorkeled, which is huge for me since I hyperventilate over anything to do with the ocean. Although I did almost drowned my husband and cause him to be eaten by sharks. We made it home in time to meet our shipment of the best darn pineapples ever eaten. The kids spent that week with Shannon and of course did not want to come home to our boring kidless street (except for our two).

April: We experienced our first eviction and the head ache mentioned previously is finally gone! We also had to clean that gross apartment out ourselves and had quite the exciting day of finding drugs, porn (all of which we chose not to partake) and roaches that apparently have no fear of humans. UGH! A nice chat with the local policeman and a tour of the "this is how people live when they do drugs" for our five an seven year old. I am sure it had quite the impact on them. Good learning experiences are gathered under our belt and we move on to find a few decent renters.

May: Chloe turned 7 and had a very fun and low-key party. I was voted into the hell known as PTA treasurer. Brian also remodeled a kitchen at one of our apt. units and did a fabulous job as usual.

June was also quite busy. The kids were in school until the end of the second week of June and then we had some serious packing to do. We went to the beach house in New Port. We love to sit on the beach and play all day. We were even fortunate enough to take the kids and Craig to Disneyland for the day. It was a very fun trip as usual. Then I was off to girls camp as ward camp director/cabin mom. It was enjoyable but I was away from home for much too long that month.

July: Declan turned 5 and Brian turned 33. We discovered the good times at the Encanto pool and cheap pickle snacks at the pool snack bar! We definitely missed our old pool this summer. The kids also found out that they like to dive. Chloe even tried some new tricks and Brian and his dad made big splashes. Declan on the other hand made the lifeguards very nervous because he stays under much too long. The boy is a natural fish and can hold his breath like no other.

August: Brian and I decided it was the perfect weather to lay out 650 sq. feet of brick for a very spacious patio. It looks awesome and we eat out there almost every night for dinner. As for the weather it was very hot and sticky. The kids also started back to school and seem to enjoy the new year.

September feels like it just happened. Brian extended the front porch with left over brick. Very nice. Did I mention that he is the man.

October is always a fun month. How can you possibly top Halloween. Declan knew for months that he wanted to be a fire man then refused to wear the costume come trunk or treat time. Chloe was a cute little 50's gal. Brian was a Rabi and I went as a nun. The weather finally decided to cool off and our back yard got some nice green grass.

November: Okay, maybe Thanksgiving tops Halloween. This was a very relaxing month. Except for the night I almost stepped on this year's mouse. Don't worry, the sticky trap did the trick. We also discovered that a cat lives in our ceiling/attic. What the hell, just let it stay.

December: I just decided, Christmas is the best holiday. Chloe and Declan are very sweet kids and made very short and simple lists. Declan wanted a cow and some boots. Chloe wanted some LPSs and a jump rope and both wanted a scooter. How easy is that, except for the cow. They were very excited on Christmas morning but the most excitement came from the return note from Santa. Chloe couldn't believe her eyes when she read the note he left her. Brian and I got to enjoy a nice weekend alone up in snowy Salt Lake City. We also decided to get a puppy and soon decided to move her along via craigs list. And Declan unbuttoned his Sunday shirt for the the first time in his life! That was a party in itself. Chloe is a DDR maniac along with Brian and myself.

All in all it was a fabulous year and I can't wait for all the excitement to come in the new year. We hope yours is equally as exciting!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Magical weekend merories...

Oh, what a fun filled weekend this turned out to be! Friday was our schools first annual "Fall Festival". I say annual because it turned out really great! And the kids are going to expect it every year hereafter. So I was in charge of selling tickets and sometimes I like to pretend that I am a sales person. So I like to up sell!! What's so wrong with that?

Me: Hey kid. How much money do you have?

Kid: Fifty cents.

Me: Well, you should give it to me and I will give you two tickets.

(Kid gives me all his money)

Kid: So what can I get with two tickets?

Me: Nothing. Go get more money from your parents!!!

Kid: WHAAWHAA (kid crying)

Me: (Game face)

Kid: Your the worst mom in the world!

Just kidding. That didn't happen. It wasn't my kid and when he started to cry I gave him a bunch of free tickets. Needless to say, the weekend started off great!

Saturday gets better. We go to Declan's soccer game and he actually played. Hurray! Then we are off on our weekend errands. Get home and help Brian fling poo. That's right folks, we seeded the back yard and covered it with fertilizer. That stuff was everywhere. The dust from it was all over Declan's face and in my nose and in our shoes. Did I mention that it stinks? I should know it was up my nose. All fun aside we had a party to go to.
This fun party was at a bowling alley so the kids were super excited. The adults bowled our game quickly and the kids took forever. So in that overlapping time I had some time to really kick back and be myself! I helped Declan toss a ball down his lane and watch him fall because I neglected to tell him not to step over the line. He landed flat on his back! I also had time to watch Chloe bowl a few frames and order more water for the party. I also managed to mistakenly goose a man that was not my husband! That's right, I'm a dork! It wasn't really a goose, more like a pre ATM swipe if you know what I mean. I was very apologetic and red in the face and sweaty and laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. Not even cupcakes made it better but at least I have a date for Tuesday.
I think things like that happen to me more than they should. Like at church; I know that my husband is not the only fella who wears a suit. But sometimes my brain doesn't let me past the suit and I grab the wrong guy. Didn't matter that he was shorter and signing. WHY?!
But today was good. I kept all physical contact within the fam and got to relax. Chloe made us all a snack and I didn't have to cook dinner. I even had a fun chat with my sister. All in all it turned out to be a great weekend despite a few mishaps along the way!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ode to Chloe

I love, love, love this girl.

Who new she would rock my world for the better.

She is my first born!

Here are just a few things I adore...

** Her eyes! They are the color of water with a stripe of brown to keep her grounded.

** Her smile is kind and full of fun.

** Her dance moves! I love that she thinks the robot is cool!

** Her style! When did she wake up Japanese? I wish I could wear all my faves together and pull it off!

** The way she takes care of her brother. There is nothing better for me than to spy her giving him a hug and making him feel important.

** Her eagerness to help around the house. Right now it's called being a good helper in a few years it will be called chores. But she has fun so I won't spoil it for her.

** She loves to ride bikes or take walks with the whole family.

** Her desire to say the prayer. She has food prayer down pat and is moving on to family prayer. Only she likes to combine the two so when we are really hungry Declan says it!

These are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head. She is my favorite little gal who has no idea how much better she makes her two parents.

Some words about nothing

Not much has been happening around here. I'm sure the kids said some funny things but I don't blog when they are around because I get carried away. And I get extremely lazy at ten o'clock at night. So the kids are back at school and me likey!

The weather is so beautiful here and we have been eating outside every night. Last night it was so chilly but the kids insisted on eating outdoors with blankets and hot chocolate. I have to admit, that was pretty fun.

Brian and I went to a Halloween party on Friday dressed as a nun and a rabbi. Great combo I thought. Besides, if you can't be sac religious with your friends then who can you. I have never laughed so hard at a party before this one, and this group of friends are always laughing. I almost puked from the scooter story. That was classic and Jimmy is going to have to dig deep to top that story next time.

Brian and I are stumped. We want to move but to where is the question. This little house has run it's course and there are no kids on our street to play with. The primary is small and achievement days are around the corner for Chloe and she needs a group!!! Do you like your neighborhood? Please sell me on it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Interesting drug

I had to take Declan to the doctors office yesterday for strep throat...again. The three of us just had it two weeks ago. So she wants to put him on something stronger and of course more expensive. Seventy five bucks for ten pills is hard to swallow especially when they choose to spit it out. So on my way out I ask if they ever give the shot of antibiotics. Hello, why didn't I think of that before? Brian and I always get the shot if available. It just makes more sense and you feel better faster. So they gave him the shot that they keep secret and I didn't have to pay extra. This shot hurt like hell though and I might think twice before putting my child through that pain (I had to practically sit on his little body while the nurse injected his little butt cheek).

So, in all this guilt building moment, I promise to buy him a toy. Listen, it helped get him through it. Anyhow, at the end of all this we end up at costco for lunch. All was leisurely and quiet at the costco food court until...the crazy bus rolls in. You know who they are, they get to see daylight once a month from the group home. They are eating lunch with the chaperons and one sat alone. I kept watching him because he was, well, acting like a crazy. I thought for sure he was going to puke which was the last thing I wanted to see, hear or smell. So finally after a few minutes he gets off his seat and kneels. I'm sitting there in suspense waiting for what he does next. He flops face down ever so gently and starts into a seizure. A mild one by the way, he twitched a little. Five minutes into it and twelve costco and spectrum mall officials later and he is still face down. The security guard is getting reamed, the crazies are watching very intently and I am cracking up. Not at this man's condition but at the situation. The garbage guy could have yelled "call 9-1-1" instead of "hey we got one down (not being heard by who he is addressing yells louder) HEY we got one down here". The security guy could do his job and tell people to keep on moving. One of those twelve employees could wait for the firemen out front and update them on there slow leisurely walk into the mall. Apparently they know this guy. "He does this all the time" is what they tell costco. There prescription for what ailed him was a slice of pizza and a coke. So was he faking? Who knows. But Declan forgot all about his throbbing bum when the firemen walked in. He kept flashing them thumbs up because he adores them so much. And he waved them goodbye until they were out of site.

Let me tell you what. I love days like that; when I get to see goof at it's finest. To end the day, we had a nice meal with the missionaries and brownies for dessert and Declan got a new bulldozer.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I love lazy Sundays

I had the best Sunday yesterday! We slept in and then got everyone ready for church. We braved Stake conference and were rewarded with only an hour long meeting and a parking spot! How great is that? Then we headed out during the last song to beat the bog down and headed over to Blockbuster to return movies only to receive two credits. We ended up with three movies for the price of one...NICE!!! Then to continue tradition we ate at Super Salad for lunch. What a lovely day this was shaping out to be.

We headed home and I put on my Sunday pants (gauchos) and took a fifteen minute snooze. Then got up and looked through some fun magazines. I found a cute picture and sketched in my new fancy sketch book (that I got on clearance at Michaels). I actually had time to draw and not to brag but it actually looked decent when I was done. It has been a good ten years since I have pulled out the old tools. A little dusty (metaphorically speaking) but still workable. Brian gave a lesson on talents and I got really disappointed with myself for not having the courage to share them. So here I am on my Sunday, drawing!

Then I emerged back into the family and my mom came over for a visit and she watched TMNT with Declan and I took another nap! AWESOME. Then when she and my granny left Shannon, Ben and the little ones arrived and the kids played and the hamsters escaped and then were caught and then escaped again. A little chaotic but a very enjoyable evening. Then Brian's mom came for a visit. What a great day. We got to see the whole family (that resides in the Phoenix valley) and I didn't have to leave the house!!!

I even got to enjoy the rain drizzle down in the sunlight. Beautiful. I wish every Sunday could be like this.


5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Working up the courage to ask out Brian or convince him to ask me
2. Single life (need I say more)
3. Working at the bank (snooze fest, but it paid me money)
4. Beginning college classes (art history...would still like to pursue that)
5. Concerts!!!!

5 things on my "to do" list today:
1. Laundry (yuck)
2. Have breakfast with Kristy...Check
3. Dinner menu for the week
4. Storage to get Halloween decor
5. Read with the kids

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Salad (almost everyday with Declan after school)
2. Popcorn with sour candies melting in it
3. MexiMelts from Tacobell
4. Homemade cookies and or breads
5. Vanilla bean anything

5 songs I know the Lyrics to:
1. Lucky Star ~ Madonna
2. Anything the Cure (you always know your boyfriends songs)
3. I walk the line ~ Johnny Cash
4. Blister in the sun ~ Violent Femmes (I just heard that song)
5. Hey there Delilah ~ Plain White T's (but who doesn't)

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Visit the Mediterranean
2. Buy a killer cabin up north
3. Keep doing my thing & the family thing...naturally
4. Go back to school (Art History)
5. Invest

5 Bad Habits:
1. Reading other peoples blogs
2. Constantly touching my face
3. I am a bugar flicker instead of tissue (you know you do it too)
4. I do too many projects and so I go in circles
5. I suffer from lyrical road rage (I call people bad names so now Declan helps yell retard, freaking dork, but has yet to repeat @$$**!*)

5 Things I would never wear again:
1. Panty hose
2. Spandex (actually never did that but can't see a need for it in the future)
3. High tops
4. Ankle boots (I don't have the ankles for them)
5. Anything the color of mustard

5 of my favorite toys:
1. the IPod
2. My camera
3. Some art supplies I got a while ago (I am finally using them)
4. Brian
5. Wii (it's really fun)

Your turn if you like...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Seven things

You might not have known about me (for a reason?)....

** I really love the smell of a freshly lit cigarette (the rest of it smells like poop)

** I like to karaoke when I fold laundry (super embarrassing when I am caught)

** I talk to myself...a lot!

** I give up Dr. Pepper on a daily basis but always sneak it the next day (weird, I know)

** I am a closet Barry Manilow fan

** I have many air head moments (another blog moment)

** My dreams are usually about water

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My life with the thrill kill cult...

I think this blog has become more of a confessional booth for me. Forgive me father for I have sinned...

A week or so ago we came to find that our home had been infiltrated by fleas. How does that happen when you don't own pets that are flea worthy? Whatever the cause, they were there eating us. Ask me how I slept! Well, I didn't. I stress too much over that kind of stuff. So anyways, we had a hamster (notice the key word of that sentence) and we noticed that he was starting to scratch himself like a dog. I was convinced that he had also been infiltrated by fleas as well. What was I to do? I had to take action! The pest control peeps came to spray and Diamond had to get de-flead. Well, apparently pet stores don't have powder for hamsters and their advise is to take it to a vet. A vet? For a $10 hamster?! So I call my husband and ask what shall I do? Let it go? We concluded that that was the best bet. I feel guilty and seek comfort from a friend, who in turn laughs at my situation. She gives me a boost and out we go.

This little fella knows how good he's got it and will not leave the nest. After much prompting he refuses. After all the nights in the house of trying to break out for the great beyond, and now he won't go when it is offered to him! Eventually he finally stepped out of the cage and I went in. GUILT STRICKEN! I call Brian for the hundredth time (he was conveniently out of town), and said "I am the most horrible mom in the world" and his sweet reply was...."I didn't think you would actually do it! Go get him and I will take care of it this weekend." I rush out to save him from me and I find him on his death bed. The hamster was out in the Phoenix heat for five minutes and is now on his way out? CRAP! What do I do?

I'll tell you what I did. I tone down the details for sister, just like any other parent would, and head straight for Petsmart. Bury our poor little friend in the pet cemetery we have started in the back yard. And welcome in the newest members of our family...Scruffy and Muffin! Sister mourned for a week or so and I am very careful not to mention the name of our dearly departed. A weekend at the Point Squaw Peak and the fleas are gone. The kids had fun at the water park there and a deep cleaning later we are all feeling less stressed.

As for the deaths of so many animals within our walls only one was preventable. The roof rat had it coming, the turtles didn't have a chance and the hamster's story has just been told. Maybe one day in twenty years or so Sister will know the full story but as for now you are sworn to secrecy.

p.s....I am not for hire, Jimmy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm totally with you on this one!

One of my girlfriends just put out a challenge that is totally worthy for a blog this fine morning! Personal prayer. Something I lack most of the time, except of course when I am in personal crisis. I, too, am finding that I am a "mean" mom. Something that kills me; it was not too long ago that I was overflowing with patience. My husband would even comment on how I could manage to get through tantrums and not blow my top. I try to remember back on how I managed to do it. I am pretty positive that I used to pray for help daily to have the strength to get through the melt downs and through the sassy demands from those that came from my loins.

I remember one day in particular that I snapped and yelled at my children and the response was remarkable. I think of that comedian on "Last Comic Standing" that said how snappy the kids get a little bit more polite after she karate chops them in the throat..."yes ma'am", "thank you ma'am", "may I please have some juice". It was funny for a second to hear her say that and then I thought of my poor kids. My stomach did a flip flop. Hitting or yelling, it all seems the same to me.

So here is my vow today. I am going to get back to basics! Heavenly Father is going to be busy and I am going to be a prayerful mother full of patience and understanding (and no more lazy). Another plus is that I am going to be an example to my little ones. Like my favorite primary song "Love is Spoken Here". I hope that my kids will one day think of me when they hear that song. The way that my mom pops into my head.

Thank you Kristy for helping me to be better! And now you can get after me if I am a slacker.

Friday, May 18, 2007


What have I gotten myself into?!! I just got voted in to be treasurer of the PTA at my kids' school. Yes it will be a nice learning experience and I will get to be involved a little more at school, but seriously do I really have the time? I guess I do now. Although after the vote and swearing in all the gals say that being treasurer in PTA is the suckiest job. Thanks ladies for the confidence builder and I hope being President and Vice President suck equally as well!!!

He Rocks!

Tuesday I received a phone call from D's teacher that he had just had an accident. Of course he is still little so the first thing that comes to mind is poop. No, no not that kind of accident. He fell doing the window washing lesson and has a gaping gash in the back of his head and will require stitches ( by the way when you tell people that he fell doing window washing work at school you get some pretty funny looks)Anyway, I leave immediately and find him covered in blood and tears. Blood stinks, by the way, when in such large quantity. Then I meet Brian at urgent care because I cannot hold him down by myself and I know he will freak out with the doctor. Bleeding was under control until the nurse started cleaning the wound and was then decided that staples would be required to get it closed fast. Then they chose not to numb the area before stapling and my ears are still ringing from the blood curtling screaming in my ears. I am the one holding his hand and telling him "you are my best little buddy and you are so strong and brave and they are helping you" and he is telling me "no momma, I fine all better" over and over again. Then they staple and he freaks BECAUSE it HURTS. and he is strong enough to push up off the table only to see all of his blood. "Oh no! I bleed, I bleed." It was somewhat of a cycle through five staples. But he lived and got a sucker when we were finished. He also reminded me that he was brave on our way home. His wound is covered up by hair but if you are lucky enough to see it you will agree with me when I say it looks like Frankenstein. How cool is that. Even cooler is how I handled that event. I didn't flip out once. I think I am getting this mothering thing down.

Side note: for all you jerks out there that see my son, who looks bigger than his age, quit expecting older child behavior from these little ones!!!! The nurse at urgent care should not have started off with " Oh, he's gonna be one of those kids". What is that suppose to mean you lame retard. He is in SHOCK! Give me a break. She did redeem herself later but should have kept the stupid comment to herself.

I could not resist getting him a Superman blanket for my brave kid!
Needless to say you get special prizes when you get staples in your head.

Mother's Day

Listen! I know it is a few days past the one day I can say "Go ask your father" and be justified in doing so. Anyways, I had the best day ever. My children, with the help of pops, each gave me a bracelet (pictures to be posted later...I even got a new camera that will be delivered today!). D gave me a tennis style bracelet that says MOM all the way around it. C gave me a three generation bracelet that my mom, C, and I all get to match. What a smart girl to give and also receive all in the same exchange! What a great surprise, then to top it off Brian got me a new camera of which I have been dying to get for quite some time. The gifts were a delight but the card that came with them could have come alone and my day be perfect. The gal in the picture could have been me, and inside simply stated to let me know that what I do everyday of my life is appreciated. My family is my life and for them to be happy makes me happier! Thank you Brian for being awesome! I love you and the kiddos very much. The hugs and kisses that come with "Moms" day are also much appreciated. I hope everyone had a day like mine!