Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something big...

I want to do something big in 2010! I have a running list in my head but not certain what it will be. I have this husband that gets after me for not setting goals, so I want to prove him wrong! Seems like a silly reason to do something but if proving him wrong is my motivation, then so be it.

I live my life today. I always have. It drives my goal oriented husband absolutely bonkers! He has a five year plan always in mind, and I still wonder what I will make for dinner tomorrow. We are very different in that aspect. But I envy and respect him for it. But this year I am going to set a goal and actually, for once in my life, accomplish it! It may not be a decision on where and what I want to be doing in twenty years but this is my baby step of getting closer to that place.

I will let you know what I have chosen as my lofty goal on January 1, 2010! So on that day, please don't laugh or scoff at my attempt to be a more goal oriented woman. Just give me kudos and a wish of good luck to motivate me to swallow fear and the overwhelming urge to quit!!!

Wish me luck!