Friday, December 28, 2007

A glance at our year

This holiday season we received some very nice updates from our friends and family. So "THANKS A LOT" because Brian has been riding my B-U-T-T to do one for us. Seeing that the holiday window from not-seeming-too-tacky-to-send-it-in-the-mail is lost to me once more, I have decided to blog it!

January: Brian installed a very nice tray dishwasher for me in our very tight kitchen. It's so great because I didn't loose to much storage space. He's the man around here. I think we even painted our living room the same day. Kudos to us. We also bought two rental properties totaling seven units and a whole lot of head aches and humor.

February: Was a short month and I'm sure we went to the zoo or something. We also went up north for a spontaneous snow trip and a chilly stay in a very old cabin. The kids had so much fun sledding and playing in the snow. We also discovered that Declan is deathly afraid of the Rainforest Cafe frog.

March was a big one! I turned 29 and we celebrated our 9 year anniversary in Hawaii. That place is truly paradise and I can't wait to go back. I even snorkeled, which is huge for me since I hyperventilate over anything to do with the ocean. Although I did almost drowned my husband and cause him to be eaten by sharks. We made it home in time to meet our shipment of the best darn pineapples ever eaten. The kids spent that week with Shannon and of course did not want to come home to our boring kidless street (except for our two).

April: We experienced our first eviction and the head ache mentioned previously is finally gone! We also had to clean that gross apartment out ourselves and had quite the exciting day of finding drugs, porn (all of which we chose not to partake) and roaches that apparently have no fear of humans. UGH! A nice chat with the local policeman and a tour of the "this is how people live when they do drugs" for our five an seven year old. I am sure it had quite the impact on them. Good learning experiences are gathered under our belt and we move on to find a few decent renters.

May: Chloe turned 7 and had a very fun and low-key party. I was voted into the hell known as PTA treasurer. Brian also remodeled a kitchen at one of our apt. units and did a fabulous job as usual.

June was also quite busy. The kids were in school until the end of the second week of June and then we had some serious packing to do. We went to the beach house in New Port. We love to sit on the beach and play all day. We were even fortunate enough to take the kids and Craig to Disneyland for the day. It was a very fun trip as usual. Then I was off to girls camp as ward camp director/cabin mom. It was enjoyable but I was away from home for much too long that month.

July: Declan turned 5 and Brian turned 33. We discovered the good times at the Encanto pool and cheap pickle snacks at the pool snack bar! We definitely missed our old pool this summer. The kids also found out that they like to dive. Chloe even tried some new tricks and Brian and his dad made big splashes. Declan on the other hand made the lifeguards very nervous because he stays under much too long. The boy is a natural fish and can hold his breath like no other.

August: Brian and I decided it was the perfect weather to lay out 650 sq. feet of brick for a very spacious patio. It looks awesome and we eat out there almost every night for dinner. As for the weather it was very hot and sticky. The kids also started back to school and seem to enjoy the new year.

September feels like it just happened. Brian extended the front porch with left over brick. Very nice. Did I mention that he is the man.

October is always a fun month. How can you possibly top Halloween. Declan knew for months that he wanted to be a fire man then refused to wear the costume come trunk or treat time. Chloe was a cute little 50's gal. Brian was a Rabi and I went as a nun. The weather finally decided to cool off and our back yard got some nice green grass.

November: Okay, maybe Thanksgiving tops Halloween. This was a very relaxing month. Except for the night I almost stepped on this year's mouse. Don't worry, the sticky trap did the trick. We also discovered that a cat lives in our ceiling/attic. What the hell, just let it stay.

December: I just decided, Christmas is the best holiday. Chloe and Declan are very sweet kids and made very short and simple lists. Declan wanted a cow and some boots. Chloe wanted some LPSs and a jump rope and both wanted a scooter. How easy is that, except for the cow. They were very excited on Christmas morning but the most excitement came from the return note from Santa. Chloe couldn't believe her eyes when she read the note he left her. Brian and I got to enjoy a nice weekend alone up in snowy Salt Lake City. We also decided to get a puppy and soon decided to move her along via craigs list. And Declan unbuttoned his Sunday shirt for the the first time in his life! That was a party in itself. Chloe is a DDR maniac along with Brian and myself.

All in all it was a fabulous year and I can't wait for all the excitement to come in the new year. We hope yours is equally as exciting!