Sunday, November 4, 2007

Magical weekend merories...

Oh, what a fun filled weekend this turned out to be! Friday was our schools first annual "Fall Festival". I say annual because it turned out really great! And the kids are going to expect it every year hereafter. So I was in charge of selling tickets and sometimes I like to pretend that I am a sales person. So I like to up sell!! What's so wrong with that?

Me: Hey kid. How much money do you have?

Kid: Fifty cents.

Me: Well, you should give it to me and I will give you two tickets.

(Kid gives me all his money)

Kid: So what can I get with two tickets?

Me: Nothing. Go get more money from your parents!!!

Kid: WHAAWHAA (kid crying)

Me: (Game face)

Kid: Your the worst mom in the world!

Just kidding. That didn't happen. It wasn't my kid and when he started to cry I gave him a bunch of free tickets. Needless to say, the weekend started off great!

Saturday gets better. We go to Declan's soccer game and he actually played. Hurray! Then we are off on our weekend errands. Get home and help Brian fling poo. That's right folks, we seeded the back yard and covered it with fertilizer. That stuff was everywhere. The dust from it was all over Declan's face and in my nose and in our shoes. Did I mention that it stinks? I should know it was up my nose. All fun aside we had a party to go to.
This fun party was at a bowling alley so the kids were super excited. The adults bowled our game quickly and the kids took forever. So in that overlapping time I had some time to really kick back and be myself! I helped Declan toss a ball down his lane and watch him fall because I neglected to tell him not to step over the line. He landed flat on his back! I also had time to watch Chloe bowl a few frames and order more water for the party. I also managed to mistakenly goose a man that was not my husband! That's right, I'm a dork! It wasn't really a goose, more like a pre ATM swipe if you know what I mean. I was very apologetic and red in the face and sweaty and laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. Not even cupcakes made it better but at least I have a date for Tuesday.
I think things like that happen to me more than they should. Like at church; I know that my husband is not the only fella who wears a suit. But sometimes my brain doesn't let me past the suit and I grab the wrong guy. Didn't matter that he was shorter and signing. WHY?!
But today was good. I kept all physical contact within the fam and got to relax. Chloe made us all a snack and I didn't have to cook dinner. I even had a fun chat with my sister. All in all it turned out to be a great weekend despite a few mishaps along the way!