Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm totally with you on this one!

One of my girlfriends just put out a challenge that is totally worthy for a blog this fine morning! Personal prayer. Something I lack most of the time, except of course when I am in personal crisis. I, too, am finding that I am a "mean" mom. Something that kills me; it was not too long ago that I was overflowing with patience. My husband would even comment on how I could manage to get through tantrums and not blow my top. I try to remember back on how I managed to do it. I am pretty positive that I used to pray for help daily to have the strength to get through the melt downs and through the sassy demands from those that came from my loins.

I remember one day in particular that I snapped and yelled at my children and the response was remarkable. I think of that comedian on "Last Comic Standing" that said how snappy the kids get a little bit more polite after she karate chops them in the throat..."yes ma'am", "thank you ma'am", "may I please have some juice". It was funny for a second to hear her say that and then I thought of my poor kids. My stomach did a flip flop. Hitting or yelling, it all seems the same to me.

So here is my vow today. I am going to get back to basics! Heavenly Father is going to be busy and I am going to be a prayerful mother full of patience and understanding (and no more lazy). Another plus is that I am going to be an example to my little ones. Like my favorite primary song "Love is Spoken Here". I hope that my kids will one day think of me when they hear that song. The way that my mom pops into my head.

Thank you Kristy for helping me to be better! And now you can get after me if I am a slacker.