Friday, May 18, 2007


What have I gotten myself into?!! I just got voted in to be treasurer of the PTA at my kids' school. Yes it will be a nice learning experience and I will get to be involved a little more at school, but seriously do I really have the time? I guess I do now. Although after the vote and swearing in all the gals say that being treasurer in PTA is the suckiest job. Thanks ladies for the confidence builder and I hope being President and Vice President suck equally as well!!!

He Rocks!

Tuesday I received a phone call from D's teacher that he had just had an accident. Of course he is still little so the first thing that comes to mind is poop. No, no not that kind of accident. He fell doing the window washing lesson and has a gaping gash in the back of his head and will require stitches ( by the way when you tell people that he fell doing window washing work at school you get some pretty funny looks)Anyway, I leave immediately and find him covered in blood and tears. Blood stinks, by the way, when in such large quantity. Then I meet Brian at urgent care because I cannot hold him down by myself and I know he will freak out with the doctor. Bleeding was under control until the nurse started cleaning the wound and was then decided that staples would be required to get it closed fast. Then they chose not to numb the area before stapling and my ears are still ringing from the blood curtling screaming in my ears. I am the one holding his hand and telling him "you are my best little buddy and you are so strong and brave and they are helping you" and he is telling me "no momma, I fine all better" over and over again. Then they staple and he freaks BECAUSE it HURTS. and he is strong enough to push up off the table only to see all of his blood. "Oh no! I bleed, I bleed." It was somewhat of a cycle through five staples. But he lived and got a sucker when we were finished. He also reminded me that he was brave on our way home. His wound is covered up by hair but if you are lucky enough to see it you will agree with me when I say it looks like Frankenstein. How cool is that. Even cooler is how I handled that event. I didn't flip out once. I think I am getting this mothering thing down.

Side note: for all you jerks out there that see my son, who looks bigger than his age, quit expecting older child behavior from these little ones!!!! The nurse at urgent care should not have started off with " Oh, he's gonna be one of those kids". What is that suppose to mean you lame retard. He is in SHOCK! Give me a break. She did redeem herself later but should have kept the stupid comment to herself.

I could not resist getting him a Superman blanket for my brave kid!
Needless to say you get special prizes when you get staples in your head.

Mother's Day

Listen! I know it is a few days past the one day I can say "Go ask your father" and be justified in doing so. Anyways, I had the best day ever. My children, with the help of pops, each gave me a bracelet (pictures to be posted later...I even got a new camera that will be delivered today!). D gave me a tennis style bracelet that says MOM all the way around it. C gave me a three generation bracelet that my mom, C, and I all get to match. What a smart girl to give and also receive all in the same exchange! What a great surprise, then to top it off Brian got me a new camera of which I have been dying to get for quite some time. The gifts were a delight but the card that came with them could have come alone and my day be perfect. The gal in the picture could have been me, and inside simply stated to let me know that what I do everyday of my life is appreciated. My family is my life and for them to be happy makes me happier! Thank you Brian for being awesome! I love you and the kiddos very much. The hugs and kisses that come with "Moms" day are also much appreciated. I hope everyone had a day like mine!