Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oi!! Can I just tell you how much I love city life. Maybe not city life but city excitement. Or maybe it's more like what I get a kick out of. The public transit system (not sure that's what it's called). Enough said!

Occasionally we ride it and that is fun in itself. The crazies that board that thing are usually in their own world. Some are perves and I watch the kids like a hawk. Some are crabby, just visiting, lost, dangerous, and just plain scary. But my favorite is the driver. Sometimes they even fall into the category listed above.

Today was a sight to remember. I really wish that I had had a camera with me. I think I would have clicked away. This driver was a super diva. I'm sure she knows all her regulars by stop and maybe even by name. She was a lovely black woman with hair that could have placed her in a music video and nails to match. And what did I spy her doing but bopping along to whatever song was in her head and TEXTING!!!! In heavy traffic no less. The maneuvering of that extra long bus and texting were simultaneous magic, I tell you.

I am thankful for our super tricked out minivan that keeps our bus riding only for field trips. "Tricked out" you say...yeah!! It comes fully equipped with popcorn, fruit loops, a rock collection, an art collection and it's even a water bottle recycle center. COOL.

Anyways...Peace out bus driver. I hope I get to see you again!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Praise to the Man

This wonderful man passed away last night. My first reaction was sadness; coming from the selfish part of me. Then turned to joy for his reunion with his sweet wife. I wish I could just see a glimpse of that wonderful rejoicing.

This man is the prophet I actually started to listen to. I was a teenager when he became our prophet. He prompted me and so many more to gain a true testimony of my own. I will always be in his debt. I have learned so much from this man.

He is the only prophet my children have known. Chloe was very sad to hear of his passing, but what a wonderful lesson to learn about eternal life. I hope that one day she will have her own prophet to urge her to find it for herself.

I love him and will miss him dearly.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ironing shirts

In the course of nine years and eleven months of marriage I have never done the ironing. I do on occasion when we are running late for church and I need to iron kids stuff then I will offer to do Brian's as well. But I have never done the full weekly ironing load. Now believe me when I tell you that I get a lot of slack from husbands that do not belong to me! Brian thinks it is quite funny to share this with other people(only for the reaction he gets from me, of course).

Now, do not think of me as lazy, disagreeable, or even a terrible wife. I do many things on the wifely duty chart. You should rather think of me as a very clever girl for having gone this long without doing this "chore". In fact, I even included this information in my prenuptial resume.

Anyway....Friday afternoon, I decided to do my Saturday laundry to get ahead for the weekend. What a great idea!! So I got to thinking and performed a marvelous task. I IRONED!!!!!!!!!! I even think I heard the angels sing! I surprised Brian with a closet full of pre-ironed clothes for work and church. What a lucky fella.

Who new I would get such a great response from my man. I work for kisses and appreciation and I got both that day. But sadly I had to inform him not to get use to it because I remembered why I don't do it in the first place! But I will enjoy the surprise every now and then!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Last night we set out to find curtains for our Friday night activity. Now Declan has been ill for the past few days; he has spent some time with the porcelain king. He has been running into the bathroom about every thirty minutes or so. He also likes for me to sit there with him so he can lay his head on my lap. He is way to pampered.

So we were off but we begin to fear that Declan may be dehydrated and made a pit stop at the 7-11 on 16th and Thomas. I'd say on the scale of roughness it was probably a seven (as far as 7-11's go). Then Brian proceeds to ask the homeless for change and stealing their half lit cigarettes. Okay that was exaggerated for my brother's behalf, but he did go in.

As Brian is browsing the Gatorade flavors a very dingy and rough looking fella walks into the store. The clerk is on the phone not paying attention to anything. So this other guy walks behind the counter and seems to talk to himself and to my horror flashes a gun!!! What the crap!!! (Not exactly what I was saying in the moment) But ten years of marriage flash before my eyes and I am freaking out. Brian walks up front to get the o.k. on flavor choice which looks as if he is in the middle of a stick up(both hands up in the air). Could he really have missed all this while deep in thought about which drink to buy? As my heart is racing Brian hands over some of the contents of his wallet (his visa card) and has a laugh and comes to the car.

Me: What the heck was that all about?

Brian: Oh, I think that guy was drunk. Why?

Me: Oh, nothing. I just thought you were going to die, that's all.

The kids: Which flavor is mine? I want grape!

I am so glad I did not have to witness the demise of my husband. That would have been a terrible way to start the shopping trip;)

We proceeded on to our various destinations and came home with five sets of curtains and even ironed, hemmed, and hung them all before crashing at midnight!!!

By the way, 7-11 is officially off the pit stop list!

I almost watched every second of my husband's ending!!