Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oi!! Can I just tell you how much I love city life. Maybe not city life but city excitement. Or maybe it's more like what I get a kick out of. The public transit system (not sure that's what it's called). Enough said!

Occasionally we ride it and that is fun in itself. The crazies that board that thing are usually in their own world. Some are perves and I watch the kids like a hawk. Some are crabby, just visiting, lost, dangerous, and just plain scary. But my favorite is the driver. Sometimes they even fall into the category listed above.

Today was a sight to remember. I really wish that I had had a camera with me. I think I would have clicked away. This driver was a super diva. I'm sure she knows all her regulars by stop and maybe even by name. She was a lovely black woman with hair that could have placed her in a music video and nails to match. And what did I spy her doing but bopping along to whatever song was in her head and TEXTING!!!! In heavy traffic no less. The maneuvering of that extra long bus and texting were simultaneous magic, I tell you.

I am thankful for our super tricked out minivan that keeps our bus riding only for field trips. "Tricked out" you say...yeah!! It comes fully equipped with popcorn, fruit loops, a rock collection, an art collection and it's even a water bottle recycle center. COOL.

Anyways...Peace out bus driver. I hope I get to see you again!


mel said...

I like bus people....they smell like soup.

Dorothy said...

They sometimes smell like what rhymes with soup!

Farris Family said...

I found your blog and now I'm tagging you! Go to my blog for instructions.


Kendra said...

That is hilarious! Didn't they just make that illegal? Especially for a bus driver! Are you guys going to be the first on the light rail?