Friday, November 21, 2008


(This is Puppy)

Thank you, Puppy, for serving our family so faithfully these past six years. I love that you have been Declan's best friend and co conspirator for so many seasons. Thank you for enduring to the end for this boy...

(This is Declan)

...all the times you have been puked on, slobbered on, bit, thrown in anger, and lost and or forgotten! How many times have I traveled miles and miles to retrieve you? Thank you for being understanding and a constant companion through all of Declan's woes. Anyway, I promise to mend you and wash you and keep you forever as long as you make my son happy! Keep up the good work!!!


Melting away in H... said...


That is so sweet! I love when kids have a friend that they can have that makes them feel safe. Each of my kids have something. Hope your Thanksgiving is awesome!!

momof3crazykids said...

Ok, finally a post!!!
I've have now seen Twilight 5 times.